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True Financial Empowerment

Digital Asset and Exchange Marketplace

Token HiFi revolutionizes the cannabis industry by introducing a cutting-edge membership platform that provides a digital asset and exchange marketplace. This innovative solution enables secure, reliable, and transparent transactions for businesses operating in sectors traditionally excluded from conventional banking. Businesses now have the ability to pay, transfer, and make purchases without the need of a traditional bank. 

Token HiFi’s patented B2B closed-loop digital asset transfer technology, known as DAVOS (Digital Authorization & Verification Operating System) is a convenient, safe, secure, and reliable encrypted utility token that acts as a value store and medium of exchange.

Token HiFi is a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering financial solutions for businesses in the cannabis industry. Founded in 2022 by David Harrison & Chris Yim, Token HiFi is now led by a team of experts with deep industry knowledge of digital assets, cannabis, and financial services. 

Business Owners

         Community Members

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Who We Are


Legal Proof of Funds

State Geofences

Instant Liquidity

Key for business needs to make payroll, pay utilities of remit taxes. Fiat currency from platform creates free & seamless feature to remit taxes.  

Asset Backed System

Unlike traditional crypto which operates on custodial possession, Token HiFi utilizes a physical asset (the coin) making it easy to transfer digital value.  

Unlike crypto where anonymity is often prioritized, every purchase has proof of legal funds.  Ensures state-based compliance with seed to sales tracking solutions.  

Key to the platform is geofencing transactions within state lines to comply with laws (State & Federal)

Unprecedented Security
Impeccable Reliability

Token HiFi’s DAVOS assurance accounts provide users instant liquidity, which is key for when a business needs to make payroll, pay utilities, or remit taxes.

David Harrison & Chis Yim, Founders 

Our Story
A Revolutionary FinTech Startup Company

Token HiFi was born out of a need to address the banking challenges in the cannabis industry, a sector that is legal in 38 US states but largely overlooked by traditional banking systems. We've experienced firsthand the instability of banking relationships, often culminating in sudden account closures. Token HiFi is our game-changing solution offering a secure, efficient, and cost-effective alternative that is set to revolutionize the payment process within this multi-billion-dollar industry. By harnessing advanced technology and adhering to a stringent regulatory framework our private network facilitates seamless transactions and payments. Already accepted in Nevada. Token HiFi is poised to redefine the financial landscape of the cannabis industry on a national scale. This is a unique opportunity for investors to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that is set to disrupt an industry ripe for innovation.   Discover the potential right here with Token HiFi.

Meet The Team

David Harrison


Chief Executive Officer

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Rick Keifer

Chief Technology Officer

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Chris Y.jpg
Chris Yim


Chief Operating Officer

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Erin Smith.jpg
Erin Smith

Chief of Staff

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Brunetti Token Pic.jpg
Robert Brunetti

Chief Financial Officer

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We are actively searching for potential investors who share our vision and are eager to participate in our company's growth journey.

We believe that partnering with like-minded investors will further propel our success and create mutually beneficial opportunities. If you are interested in joining us as an investor, we would be delighted to discuss the details and explore how we can work together to achieve our goals." "We would like to express our gratitude to our existing investors who have consistently supported the company. Your confidence and commitment have been instrumental in our success thus far."

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30 N Gould Street

Sheridan, WY 82801


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